Unbirthday Adventures


November 2015

Jessie the French Fry Part Deux: Drinking with Friends

Today I thought about bringing back some old school. These pictures were actually about a year ago in November 2014. It was pretty much a night out in the town with the girls. We had found a lovely cocoa bar in the lower east side, which btw the chocolatini and espresso martini were amaze-balls. Yeap, not your regular milk chocolate beverage.2014-11-05 18.58.53-1
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Trying to find my 4ft nothing mum at a NYC International Airport….riigghhhtt.


Buuut! A huge BUT there, is a great thing about this excursion is the idea that came about from the diner we happened to munch at. I had a grilled cheese sandwichade with texas toast and an assortment of cheeses.


So now imagine with a little dibble dabble replacements using garlic texas toasts with melted mozarella in between! Will have to make a follow up post, but for now I am content imagining what things could be. The fruition part will come later. A happy unbirthday to you!

Stay Curious

Cookie Smackdown: Levain Bakery Vs Insomnia Cookies

So here you have it, the first ever “versus” battle in the food category. Insomnia Cookies and Levain Bakery present their interpretation of the classic staples Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

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Dawn of the DMV


This is exactly my life right now at a NYC DMV. They were at F611, I am F616 so naturally I’m like hell yeah…hour and a half later F614…le sigh.

Feelings in the DMV only gifs can explain.

How I look on the outside…


How I feel inside…



Another unbirthday adventure…at least the counter lady was nice…

Stay Curious
…just not at the DMV.

Sick Day, Arroz Caldo, Mini-Cakes and a Board Game

So my sister was feeling a tad bit under the weather…this means a traditional sick day meal.. ARROZ CALDO! And a day indoors of course. Nothing really beats good food, good company, and a family dividing board game. Continue reading “Sick Day, Arroz Caldo, Mini-Cakes and a Board Game”

Mac & Cheese Bombs

So for the first installment in culinary concoctions, here’s a twist on a simple, but amazingly adaptable favorite, MAC & CHEESE! Keyword being adaptable because you can add or subtract ingredients to suit your taste buds. This is a chance to get creative in the kitchen, put whatever you like in there, nothing’s wrong…unless it tastes horrible and/or poisons someone. But no judgement if that’s your MO…..ANYWHO. Let’s just put it out there, I am not a chef, but people liked it so hey let’s share.

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Sooo…I’ve been sorta trying to find a new job…how do you “sorta” do something..well you don’t. You just do it. So I managed to land this interview in an AMAZING company. And when I say AMAZING, I mean super awesome, crazy, out-of-this world, one of a kind company that I want to ADOPT me. HOWEVER, I am shitty at taking interviews. Continue reading “Interview Rejection? aka How Not to Perform in a Job Interview”

DIY Extended Table


Trying to find Mouse Real Estate in NYC…The Struggle is Real

This is how I work in front of my TV (aka my computer monitor) while I sit on the couch. So for awhile I was on the hunt for a bigger, portable, fold-able table…yea, couldn’t find one so I did the next best thing. DIY Extended Table YAY! And yes it still folds. Super easy fix, should have done this sooner. Continue reading “DIY Extended Table”

A “Psh I can do that too” Haircut

You ever see someone do something and say to yourself, “Hmm, I can do that” or the ever famous “I can do it better.” Well this was the latter (THANK GOD!). Here all you need is the curiosity to do it and a willing participant. This was my willing participant for a haircut.

wild hair 2

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