You ever see someone do something and say to yourself, “Hmm, I can do that” or the ever famous “I can do it better.” Well this was the latter (THANK GOD!). Here all you need is the curiosity to do it and a willing participant. This was my willing participant for a haircut.

wild hair 2

Look at that shaggy mane…PERFECT!!!

long hair

And the look of consternation later when he finds out that I am the one who is going to cut his hair!!! MUWHAHAHAH

Now if you want to try this at home, you will need some tools of hair obliteration.tool of hair obliteration I set up my work space as such. A simple stool (anything easy to clean will work fine) and a plastic garbage bag spread out underneath. I actually cut it open for a wider hair catching field. Is that a paw you see on my clipper. Why how observant of you! Yes, it’s meant for pets. but hey hair is hair no? (And if you haven’t seen the “about” section yet, this site is about obliquity, new approaches to achieve the same end yada yada…). ANYWHO!! There’s a comb with fine and wide teeth, a 6 1/2″ long scissors, thinning shears and a 3mm clip-on-comb thing for the shaver.

A few buzz buzzes and snip snips later…presto change-o…short side 2

I used the regular blade on the clipper for the sides. Then as I went a little more than halfway up the head I attached the 3mm comb and shaved to an imaginary line leveled mid forehead-ish. Once I got a little higher to the top I used the dual tooth comb and the shaver.  I mostly went in a vertical motion with the clippers….doesn’t really work going sideways…ahem…I also found that going the direction that the hair is growing cuts “less” than when going against the hair.

Unless it’s the look you are going for, I didn’t use the clipper on the very top of his head.
short front

I used the dual tooth comb and both the scissors for the top of his head. Yea, I just went all willy nilly here. Whatever I thought “looked- long” I cut with the regular scissors. And then thinned it all out on top. I think I did a pretty good job with the cut. Woot!! Success, no bald patches phew. Learning to cut hair, or experiencing how to cut hair is pretty cool. I wouldn’t quit my day job for it, but it was fun.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.

Stay curious!