Sooo…I’ve been sorta trying to find a new job…how do you “sorta” do something..well you don’t. You just do it. So I managed to land this interview in an AMAZING company. And when I say AMAZING, I mean super awesome, crazy, out-of-this world, one of a kind company that I want to ADOPT me. HOWEVER, I am shitty at taking interviews. I mean I just sat there when the interviewer talked and talked and talked. I barely put my two cents in. Let’s just say I didn’t “WOW” my potential boss. Suffice it to say, the time period in which “I’ll call you back” came and went…I think to myself…there has to be a “moral” of the story and it definitely ain’t “don’t look for another job” because the deepest nether regions of my gut knows I loathe my current job. It had to be another reason, and I found it!!! I am a damn good writer (cover letter for the win).  That’s how I woo’d said potential boss into meeting me to confirm that I’m not a weirdo. Unfortunately I am (but that’s besides the point). Anywho, I can take this turning point and make it into lemonade. Better for you because now I will concentrate on more posts…and rants such as these. Ask me a question if you want to know how to not crash and burn in a job interview. I’ll answer as truthfully or sarcastically (if I see fit) as possible 😛 Free tidbit, when someone asks you “Tell me about yourself,” DON’T shrug your shoulders, smile and say “I’m the best” and dare them to hire you to find out why….yea…uhh….le sigh

A very unhappy Unbirthday Adventure

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