So my sister was feeling a tad bit under the weather…this means a traditional sick day meal.. ARROZ CALDO! And a day indoors of course. Nothing really beats good food, good company, and a family dividing board game.

For this recipe the best is always fresh ingredients!shopping for fresh ingredients

Items List:

  • Rice – 3 cups depending on how many people you are feeding. This fed about 6.
  • Chicken – about 4 breast pieces cubed or 3 lbs chicken wings split (based on your preference of white or dark meat)
  • Chicken Broth – About 5 cups
  • Olive Oil – About 4 Tbsp
  • Scallion – About 2 stalks give or take – chopped
  • Yellow Onion – 1 medium chopped
  • Ginger – 2 inch piece – sliced
  • Garlic – 6 cloves of garlic give or take – minced (Fun tidbit – The WHOLE garlic is called a ‘head’ or ‘knob.’ The individual pieces are called ‘cloves’)
  • Eggs – Hard Boiled
  • Salt and Pepper– to taste
  • Lemon– (Optional – Added at the end to taste)
  • Fish Sauce – (Optional – Added at the end to taste)


Step 1: Saute about 3 cloves garlic minced and the onion in 2 tbsp olive oil. Cook chicken with the onion and garlic.

Step 2: Add broth, rice, ginger, salt and pepper. Cook until rice is soft. I apologize for the foggy photo, but boy did it smell good! We ended up overcooking it, it should have more liquid to it, but uhh…things happen lol.


Step 4: With the rest of the olive oil brown some garlic until crispy. Mind you crispy, not burnt.


Step 5: Once the soup is ready add your toppings; lemon, roasted garlic, fish sauce, and eggs as you prefer! Then let the games (and dessert begin!)DSC_0177

Onward with the indoor sick day. For a bit of a cheer up mini-cakes!!! Uber cute cakes starting from the left chocolate mousse, red velvet, carrot cake and basic white cake with chocolate mousse in the middle (?) mini cakes

And the board game weapon of choice…DSC_0214

Basically, each aspiring Rockefeller is trying to make their railway tracks from point A to point B according to cards given, all the while sabotaging the other players’ route. Looks kinda like this…ticket to ride progression The game is quite interesting, not so intense as risk…the alliances though. It’s worth a try, until next time my unbirthday adventurers.

Stay curious!