Today I thought about bringing back some old school. These pictures were actually about a year ago in November 2014. It was pretty much a night out in the town with the girls. We had found a lovely cocoa bar in the lower east side, which btw the chocolatini and espresso martini were amaze-balls. Yeap, not your regular milk chocolate beverage.2014-11-05 18.58.53-1

The Cocoa Bar is a quaint cafe located in Manhattan on 21 Clinton St between Houston and Stanton St.  On the menu are various pastries, chocolates, gelato, tea, wine, beer, and other edibles. Great for the impromptu hang out night.2014-11-05 21.22.35

As we were sitting, enjoying our spiked chocolate drinks like what adult 4 year olds would do, one of us had a grand idea. We should go to Pomme Frites, a famous shop that specialized in Belgian french fries and dipping sauces! (Unfortunately, this past summer a gas explosion obliterated the tiny restaurant and they have since attempted to get the business up and running again. Wishing them the best!) 2014-11-05 21.38.29

It took us quite a bit to find it but the trip was well worth it.
As we were enjoying the meal and the company. Guess who decided to make our night out a real party! … Wait what?! 2014-11-05 21.31.42Psh, that wasn’t Jessie. Besides where’s her face, duh.

2014-11-05 21.37.30Now this is Jessie. Of course she saved the best for last being at the bottom of the paper cone. And as most good friends do, we took her out for another hoorah, and this time it involved drinks! Of course Jessie had to pick the spot!

2014-11-05 20.46.47

Jessie’s drink of choice…shots of fireball… it was just one after another…until…

She couldn’t see the ground anymore….it was all a blur…

2014-11-05 21.51.56

Things were spiraling out of control and then it happened all so fast…Domi had found someone, like really connected with this person. We thought we could trust him and…2014-11-05 22.47.16

Jessie got eateded…The End

Another thrilling tale on unbirthday adventures.

Stay Curious

P.S. It’s ok you can say “wtf”.