Every human has at least one vice, if you say you don’t have one then your vice is hubris. Anywho, I have at least 3. Shopping (which will be covered at a different point in time), Candy, and the Claw Game (or anything competitive). This post is about the latter two and yes challenging the claw is a competition. It means I beat the system if I win!!!giphy (8)

Now candy…OMG I LOVE CANDY!!! I am addicted to it like the perfection of milk and cookies. Now no judgement, but of course the first store I visit in Atlantic City is It Sugar!

its sugar store

Had to get me some candy take out. Yes that’s a Chinese take out box look-a-like just for candy and it weighed a ton! I think about 15$ to fill the whole thing up!!! Also had to get some liquor filled chocolate 😀box and chocolate alcoholic

Now that I was sugar loaded, let the games begin!!! I got my fluffy unicorn first try!! Take that Gru, no fancy space gun needed!

Against all odds, I had to get him or “I’d die!!!”

DSC_9858Next up was cut the rope plush toy… not as exciting as getting the unicorn really. However, I spied out of the corner of my little chinky eye, a BOB!!

YES A BOB!!! I NEEDED HIM!!! (Just about as much as I needed the unicorn.)

So this is how I was subsequently robbed of Bob. Money in, aligned the claw perfectly, and voila Bob is cradled in the arms of the claw. But just like a mother’s beloved grasp, it starts to rock! Claw gamers know about that “swing.” The swing that knocks the prize loose from the claw’s clutches, which, alas, is what happened to my poor Bob. Defeat, no Bob at the end of the tunnel.

losing bob

giphy (7)
And again feelings only a gif can explain *tear drop

Alright loverlies another unbirthday adventure and with some unbirthday presents at the end (minus the Bob)!!DSC_9867

Stay curious!!