There are a lot of hacks on the internet, some real, some fake. I stumbled across one that I thought would make my snacking time a little bit easier…imagine grilled cheese with your toaster! The premise is simple, prep sandwich as per usual then place toaster sideways (yea.. I know) and TADA!

grilled cheese
Melted cheesy goodness…

Or so I thought…

This is what really went down… I prepped my ingredients..

Butter, 2 slices white bread, and pepper colby jack cheese in between 2 American slices cuz that’s how I roll…

DSC_1007Had to soften up my butter a little before spreading it on the  outsides of the sandwich. After shoving the sandwich in place all I had to do was wait for the magic to happen. I have no idea how a sandwich would fit into a normal toaster, but the one I have is made for bagels…DSC_1012Notice I placed a small kitchen towel underneath. That’s because my toaster is slightly curved, I didn’t want my sandwich to pop out and fall on the floor…and no that isn’t the reason why this hack was a fail.

I actually sat there waiting for my sandwich to be done for fear of maybe something catching on fire (never had my toaster sideways before). Worst wait ever…I now remember why I never liked being around when the toaster was…toasting. It’s like that stupid jack in the box game, when POP “hahah you got scared” kinda shit happens… Even when you are expecting it, it STILL catches you off guard.

jack in the box

ANYWHO.. it didn’t come out like how I expected…not even close…DSC_1013

I don’t know why, and I’m pretty sure I need to work out a few kinks, but as you can very well see…one side was well done while the other side was…let’s say still fresh.  DSC_1016

Oh curiosity how you have failed me…this won’t be the first or last time. I’ll try this hack again, perhaps on a different toaster side. HAHA. Til then, stay curious!! Maybe you will have better luck with this than I!!