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You ever find yourself chopping onions or chopping a hot pepper then rub your eyes for whatever reason, even if you know you washed your hands enough to scrub the entire top layer of skin off, and find yourself with an excruciating feeling of wanting to gouge out your burning eyes of hell. Yea.. sucks ballz.  BUT! I had a eureka moment and found my cure!!! I was chopping jalapenos thanks to this pain inspiring pico de gallo-ish snack I love to make on the random and of course washed my hands (yes with soap and water!). Then tried to take my contacts off. BIG MISTAKE!. After freaking out, rubbing my eyes even more and trying to douse the fire out with water, my makeup was all runny and NOT making things better. So I used makeup remover to take it off. AND VOILA!!! It took care of the annoying eye sting just like that! Now I don’t know if it will help all people. But I just wanted to put it out there. Waterproof eye makeup remover – for more than just stubborn eye makeup.