Back from a holiday hiatus with a little unbirthday gift to myself – Trying out the blind toy bag. Blind toy bags or mystery bags/boxes are gold mines to curious folk who like little surprises. However, though I am curious, I do NOT like surprises. I even ruined my own surprise birthday once. So I don’t normally “do” the whole blind bag thing but when I saw the toy possibilities  I HAD TO. They had Scrump.

Scrump – Top right corner, doll from Lilo and Stitch


DSC_1675So to ruin the “mystery” I have a natural tack for “feeling” out the toys I want. Unfortunately, manufacturers have gotten wise to the  “feeling” tactic and have actually placed the toys with cardboards. I guess to preserve the surprise factor :/ You can kinda move the toy to the sides of the bag and still make out some of the toy landmarks. Despite the cardboard obstacle, I had to take the chance and TADA!!! DSC_1685Scrump now has a home on my fjallraven kanken mini. She’s SUPERRRRR cute!!!

The toy bag came from Kinokuniya Bookstore – 1073 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10018. They also have Nightmare Before Christmas blind bags (I also wanted a Zero but did not “feel” one in any of the bags there.), Marvel Heroes, Disney characters and Disney Villains. Perhaps I’ll go back for Zero.

The rest of the day I spent with my cousin eating truffles that melt in your mouth!! (Yes, they LITERALLY melt in your mouth). Despite its poop-like appearance this chocolate is so decadent and rich with a cocoa powder coating that’s just the bees knees. It gets 2 thumbs up and a must try from me!!

melt in your mouth
And Yes, the brand is called “No Chewing Allowed”

All opinions verified by this cute dachshund… too bad he can’t have chocolate (more for me muwhahah).

ANYWHO!!! A great unbirthday adventure if I do say so myself.

Stay curious!