NYC is one of those places where there’s alot to do for alot of nothing. Going to see celebrities (for free) is one of them. Today I was part of a live studio audience for “Live with Kelly”. If you happen to find yourself in NYC checkout 1iota.com. Snapchat-1527472861582117913.jpg

A favorite show of yours may have  seats available. It just so happens NEIL PATRICK HARRIS was the co-host today. Naturally my cousin  I are HUUUGE fans.

Renee Zellweger, Jaimie Alexander and Vern Yip were guests on the show. Vern Yip is an interior designer…(funny outake) the fake tv fell off the fake wall…anywho. His “thing” …(cuz you know when one is famous you have to have your personal catch)… is measuring the distance of furniture so that it makes a nice aesthetic… Nothing matches in my apt, but I guess thats my style *shrugs* If I like it and it’s functional, why not?

Renee Zellweger was toned af, apparently self trains as Kelly points out (repeatedly mind you). She has a southern drawl with a low key tone, which is wonderful to hear. However, I am trying to recall what was said during her skit but I can’t! As for Jaimie Alexander, that takeaway was that she was wearing Kelly’s underpants (during this shoot) and she broke her nose during stunting in her show. Her show is the one about amnesia and tattoos (I don’t follow the show…on that note I don’t follow any show except my own XD). Until next time.

Stay curious my fellow unbirthday adventurers!