20160919_193055.jpgOne of the places that makes New York City great are the Broadway theaters, but the shows are usually crazy expensive. If you don’t have deep pockets but love going to the theater, just make your way to Broadway Direct. It’s a lottery for Broadway show tickets!

20160923_142330.jpgThough it’s not a guaranteed seat, it still gives one a chance to see shows otherwise too rich for people, such as myself. When you win the tickets you pay budget Broadway prices (10-40$) and the seating is random. Which means there is a possibility of paying about 30$ for a seat at the orchestra section!  My cousin happened to win seats to see The Lion King on Broadway in the Minskoff theater.Unfortunately for me I was still trying to fight off a cold. But The Lion King trumps being sick any day!!


A little cold won’t stop me from seeing this great cast! My favorites were the little girl who played Nala and of course Zazu and Rafiki.

**********Spoiler alert**********

Some of the songs are not from the original Lion King playlist, but that makes for a more interesting show! The scene when Zazu is in a ribcage and supposed to sing that coconut song, he ended up singing “Let it go” from Frozen. It was hilarious! The ending with the demise of Scar was also great….however I found one scene to be particularly lacking…giphy-1Yes, that’s right. I thought that it needed a bit more “oomph” to it. I mean honestly, the death scene of Mufasa is THE turning point of Simba’s life. So comparing it to the theatrics surrounding the death of Scar, I think it should have been at least on par. ****Extreme spoiler alert**** Mufasa “fake fell” off the side of a wall prop, whereas Scar had the harness to fall off a (at least) one story mountain prop. Let’s do a side by side fall comparison…

Mufasa falling
Scar falling

Yeap, no contest. Other than a few minor petpeeves, (like how come we can’t buy flying birds attached to a stick by a string,  you would understand this reference if you see the show) it was an AMAZING show, highly recommend to watch. And yes I did tear up and sing along through most of it, so definitely worth it, especially if the Lion King played a significant part in your childhood memories.

imag0605Thank you Lion King for everything you have taught me, especially Hakuna Matata. And thank you Disney for recreating this wonderful movie into a Broadway show.

~Try anything and everything,
Hakuna Matata Unbirthday Adventurers