The first  blog of a mini-blog series starring the Philippines. Experience the Philippines with my family and I..oh and Ula who comes into the picture at the second half of the venture. (Side note: These posts will be mixed in with the regularly scheduled posts, so just know I didn’t teleport between the Philippines and US…though that would be awesome!)

Day 1, or what can be called the first day of the journey because of the change in time zones.

From left to right – Me, mom and auntie!

• Due to mom logic we get to the airport for check-in at 7pm. Flight leaves at 1215am. Checkin is at 930pm…joy

• Who needs to buy food when you have a filipino mom

• This is why everyone needs a Pengy for long travels… Its Pengy morphing time!

• Philippine airlines — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Lookie here – Fancy personal tv and remote, with a usb plug…wuuutttt…. Tv, movie, and games are all included in the flight cost (Thank God!)

  • After the oh so exciting check-in process there’s the dreaded 24 hour airplane – airport-airplane-airport-airplane-airport travel itinerary…Yay!

-Never fear! Explore the seven seas my unbirthday adventurers..and if you can bring a mom!