Hey, what happened to day 2? Oh yea that’s right I spent it on an airplane and airport all day and night. Flight itinerary hours 5 hrs from NYC to Vancouver, about 1 hour layover in vancouver. 13 hours from Vancouver to Manila. 5 hour layover in manila. 1 hr from manila to tuguegarao. 

Time spent sleeping maybe 2 hours. But I did get to see a bunch of movies I normally would’nt have seen otherwise. Still highly recommend using Philippine airlines. The people are soooo nice!Final destination! (Not the scary kind)

  • Note: there is a 24 hr time difference, night is day, day is night. But if you don’t sleep the whole way, it helps with being able to adjust to the time difference better. (Tip on how to not sleep on an airplane… have your mom steal your Pengy 😒)
  • Day 3 – days are a bit muddled due to lack of sleep- but we do the most important thing first visit family (living and deceased)

  •  Also know that halo halo is a staple dessert sold in fast food restaurants. It can be likened to the sundae with a bunch of different toppings!

    Halo halo- shaved ice and ice cream/condensed milk- the toppings here are jello like cubes but with more substance, Pinipig (crispy rice), cherries, saba (sweet banana), coconut jelly, leche flan (yes flan!).