First official day in the Philippines and its hot and humid af! 

Mom: Did you take a shower already?
Me: No… that’s sweat and oil sheen 😒


• Fruits a plenty for breakfast

From closest to farthest – Rambutan, Star Apple, Dragonfruit

• Then a neat tricycle ride to the supermarket.

Tips on riding in a tricycle:
• Keep hands and feet within vehicle at all times. However (!) Don’t stick your fingers in crevices around the bike, my uncle lost a finger that way (true story).
• Hold onto your possessions especially when taking pictures with your phone (its a bumpy ride and people can grab at it)
• Read the fare card in the tricycle – they will smell foreigner on you and try to overcharge! (True story- the guy wanted double the fare – not that it was alot because…)
• Tricycle Fares in tueguegarao – Its 48 pisos to a USD. So 10 pisos is about 25 cents…

• At the supermarket, found th cutest mango ice cream mini -tub!

  • Also found out that you can get just about anything in packets!

Yes I branded myself a tourist gawking at the differences between American grocery and Filipino grocery. They were also kind enough to allow me to take pictures heh

Stay cheezee my unbirthday adventurers!