Still humid and hot…

Mom: Go put makeup on

Me: I did… (looks in mirror)… apparently makeup slides right off…

So! I had the pleasure of joining my auntie in a shopping trip to the city,  which means more tricycles and Packets! This time the tricycle motorists showed us getting customers is a really big deal.

Before supermarket fight club happened, soy sauce be damned. It’s your brother from another mother… vinegar. 

Unless it’s just me never looking for it at the states… I found a packet of Alzheimers… err MSG…

AND THE MAIN EVENT- In one corner at 5’5- Bag guy. And the other standing at the same average filipino height- Punching guy.

So bag guy (rightly named because he basically rushed us after we were approached by the other guy and grabbed our bags from the cart) pretty much stole another guy’s prospect. When the guy grabbed the bags, the original talker started punching bag guy. Bag guy, with hands full, yelled at punching guy and proceeded to kick him. Before I could film the footage my aunt promptly pulled me out of harms way… suffice it to say bag guy had our bags already and to not damage the goods, won by default. As bag guy walked away victorious we could still hear the muttering sounds of defeat from punching guy. Twas interesting to say the least… and we did make it back home safe.

Safe enough to accompany mom to her class reunion/meeting… and what is it with asians and tiny, cute, delicious things?!

Of course there’s a tiny leche flan the size of my palm

Play it safe unbirthday adventurers!

Oh here’s some blog extras! If you wanted to see more USD to piso equivalency.