Well there’s a first time for everything, this time around it was my first Baseball game, which so happened to be Mets vs the Braves. Now I don’t have a favorite team, let alone know what’s going on in that field of dirt and grass, but I did come out of this venture with a new favorite player!

So here are some Highlights, Lowlights and definite learning experiences.bartolo-colon

  • Fat people can be agile AF! – This guy, honestly, like a frog catching a fly. He had some amazing plays, plucking a 100 mph baseball out of the air as if it was a rose on a bush. Then tossing it with minimal effort, as we watch the ball zoom to the bases. The opposing players trying to reach that white patch on the dirt, so sorry, YOU’RE OUT!yoenis
  • As much as I enjoyed watching Bartolo Colon (the frog pitcher), my favorite player award goes to Yoenis Cespedes. I mean his intro is from the Lion King!!! He’s also a badass hitter, I’d rock that neon green sleeve!
  • Now it’s no secret, food prices at a Baseball game are no joke. For the cost of one hotdog, you could probably buy a pack of buns and a pack of hotdogs!
    I’m only here for the food 🤓🌭⚾

    At least the fixings are free. Unfortunately, there is a myth…ballpark franks. These were no “ballpark” franks but skinny Nathan’s hotdogs, but still good nonetheless. (As long as the price tag didn’t make your mouth go sour).

  • You can have fun and your dog can too! It’s called Bark at the Park, where you get to bring your dog to a baseball game! From a Great Dane to a tiny Chihuahua dressed with a lion ‘s mane (and yes he “rose” to the occasion when Cespedes came out) all kinds of dogs were present. I might just take a page out of their book and bring my dogs to the game dressed in Lion King attire!
  • Now a baseball game wouldn’t be complete without a drunken breakout brawl. Luckily, they were escorted out before anything really could happen. I was actually sandwiched in between the action. To the left an irate, drunken guy upset at the heckler kids and the guardians in charge of them, who were sitting at my right. I actually had to get up to move because the buff (most likely part time muscle builders) guardians crossed over to confront the drunk guy. The kids at this point were silent onlookers. It was interesting to watch, a nice hiatus to the game continuing below.

A baseball game…something definitely worth experiencing!

So take yourselves out to the ball game my unbirthday adventurers!!