For those of you who know or may not know,  it is Filipino tradition to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, pretty much any special occasion with a lechon (whole roast pig). Normally,  in the sheltered states we are spared the butchering. It’s a whole different story in the Philippines with the pig dropped off right at the door….the squealing is the stuff of nightmares….

Honestly, it was wriggling to escape, its black beady eyes fully aware that something isn’t right (if i could post the video I would). Pigs are one of the smartest animals (true story). I entertained the thought of pulling a free willy but it would not have gone over well with the folks. That sort of thinking was quickly drowned out by the slaughter.  There are just some sounds you can’t unhear. Those haunting cries would resound everytime I stick a fork at a piece of bacon or sausage… I’m entertaining a new thought, going back to being a vegetarian. 

The pig disassembly line
 I am pretty sure this was pondered before me, but whoever thought it ok to butcher another living thing, burn it and proceed to eat it? It’s probably a learned behavior from predators, but cooking?

The glorious meal I prepared myself as I wondered what to do with being an omnivore- maybe if I don’t associate a face with it…

Experience the good and bad unbirthday adventurers!