We interrupt your daily dose of travel with us to the Philippines series with an all too important update of … “The Filipino Way”.

Why the interruption you may ask? Well it so happens a typhoon is in Isabella threatening the departure of our flight to Manila 😑, therefore I thought it prudent to relieve my boredom of just waiting around with tidbits we have observed during our stay here…enjoy!

• A packed car, is a packed car in the Philippines. How many Filipinos can you fit in a van. Answer 21.

• Long roadtrip… no problem! Relaxation during roadtrips are taken to a whole new level here. 

• Everything is also made a little smaller and shorter to accomodate for the average Filipino.

• Whitening of the skin is as popular here as tanning is, in the U.S. 

• Tricycles are as plentiful as taxis in NYC, if not moreso.
• Cost is adversely related to quality and customer service. Cheap price with great service and products! (I.e. facials for 4$, manicure + pedicure combo for 1$)
• Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, eating with your hands is common place at the table. 

• Flip flops are perfectly acceptable footwear during a hike

  • Meet my fancy washing machine. Responds to voice commands, does delicates, and can use food scraps as fuel. 😂When in the Philippines, do as they do, which means to launder as they do too! 

  • Oh yea, sometimes there’s no “flush” for the toilet. No problem, Betty Crocker knows how it’s done… just add water.  

All this brought to you because that’s just how we do it in the Philippines.

Stay observant, and do like the locals do my unbirthday adventurers!