I have…well now I had a Note 7. I honest to God LOVED that phone. Best phone ever, besides the random jack in the box, haha I just exploded on you issue. Lucky for me I never had that problem. And I would still rather have a phone that could possibly overheat than have my freedom with electronics taken away (::cough:: iphone closed OS ::cough::). I really loved how I could change my ringtones with MY music, well actually change just about everything on my phone without having to pay for it or without being confined to just a few apps where I MUST obey by their rules… but I digress from the main point of this blog…. SAMSUNG STOLE MY PHONE!!

I had my return flight October 20th from the Philippines. I was able to go on a flight with my Note 7 turned off, ok no biggie. But on my day of departure Philippine airlines decides to change their minds and ban all Note 7’s from their flights. Ok fine, my trust in Samsung has not waivered…yet. After spending over 2 hours with Samsung customer support (including dropped calls, bad overseas connections, transfers and wait time) I was assured that I will have a replacement phone waiting for me in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Even better, Samsung had representatives waiting a the airport to take your Note 7 (AKA confiscate your Note 7) in exchange for a certificate of return. There I was also guaranteed that if I take this magic piece of paper to a Samsung Store, I will be given my replacement phone….

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! THREE days later, I have spent HOURS with customer support on the phone and online chat, been to Sprint (my carrier) stores, samsung store, sent multiple emails with the proof of purchase and the certificate of return and no one wants to honor this GOD DAMNed PIECE OF TRASH PAPER WITH ITS FANCY ASS SAMSUNG STAMP OF APPROVAL!!!!! (Honestly: There’s an embossed Samsung stamp on the paper, this paper is legit.) How is it that Samsung can so easily take my phone and give me a paper and when I try to give them their paper back, they tell me “I’m sorry I can’t help you with that” Please go through the seventh gate of Hell, bring me the head of a Unicorn and a the tail of a Phoenix and we will see what we can do for you. It seems that no one at Samsung or Sprint knows the procedure with this paper… Samsung, if you are out there in this universe, I know you hired loads more people to help out with this fiasco, and I understand that they all don’t have the proper training and knowledge to handle this situation, but please all I want is my fancy smartphone. Even if you just give me my original Note 7 back. The phone doesn’t even have to come in a box or with a charger. Samsung I still believe in you!

P.S. Dear Unbirthday Adventurers, this rant was brought to you courtesy of my frustration with Samsung.

UPDATE: October 26 – I have been reading articles on those so called pop up Samsung booths. Be forewarned – I was guaranteed I would have a replacement phone when I got to the states, but so far it’s like Samsung has been fighting me tooth and nail over giving me one. They told me that all they are doing is giving refunds, which takes about 3 days to process and 10 -15 days to get be delivered. It’s all hogwash about exchanging the phone for the S7 ESPECIALLY if you don’t have the phone in hand.

UPDATE : How to get a replacement with the Certificate of Return here.