New adventure starts with being a BIG. It’s my first day of being  Big Sister and from what I’ve seen during the kick-off it’s going to be a blast. I have an awesome little sister now, which makes me a tad bit apprehensive. Being a Big means you are voluntarily placing yourself in a position of scrutiny. It’s like being a Sophomore in High School all over again with your peers judging you, whether you like to admit it or not…. On the other hand, it seems like so far, so good. I think my little sister liked my first impression- a loud mouthed, over-enthusiastic, controlling, Asian with a “can-do,” competitive attitude…. Certainly on the fun if not entertaining side. But all that aside, I hope I give my little sister something she can learn from. I hope she aspires to do more than work and then go home and watch tv … heck… who am I to judge … maybe that’s what she wants to do… In the meantime, why not try to instill in her some desire for adventure. 😉

You can change the future by influencing the people of tomorrow, today! So go forth my unbirthday adventurers and sow the sense of adventure amonga the new generation!!