Since Samsung wants to be a butt about not exchanging phones and only allowing me to get a refund which takes 3 days to process and 10-15 days to receive the check… I may as well be phone-less for that time. And you say, why don’t you just go out and get another phone? Well do you have that kind of money to shell out on any given day? If so, we can meet up and you can buy me a phone. In the meantime, let’s see how it goes.

So far, my main mode of communication has been Skype when I am at home. When I am outside… if you know where to find me physically then kudos to you! The lack of a phone brings an appreciated silence not otherwise experienced. There are no missed calls, unanswered texts, ever present notifications, and using google or a random game to fill in blocks of spare time. I do miss Snapchat-ting everything, and frequently find myself thinking…that was a Snapchat worthy opportunity. Other than that …. I just have to lug around my loftier DSLR camera to take shots… unfortunately not as quick or stealthy as a phone but it will have to do. There’s a lot of me time, as well as time being reminded that I don’t have a phone. So what to do when you don’t have a phone…

  • Color and draw…sans app…with paper and a medium of choice (much more tedious than pointing with a finger and a whole section getting filled in)
  • Write a blog…not as many pictures for me because I usually have my phone to easily upload pictures
  • Run … if you run with music like I do, well… just be content with watching scenery pass by and listening to your breath sounds
  • Google places you have never been before (on the computer duh) and go… just remember how to get back home… no phone = no handy GPS… we’ve made it without GPS before so you’ll be fine… and yea you may end up taking the long road to get to your destination
  • Appreciate radio silence from your friends- if they really miss you, they know where to find you
  • When you really need a phone make friends with strangers and ask to borrow their phone!
  • Think… a lot

I think I’ll be fine without a phone… it’s an adventure in and of itself!

Maybe you should try unplugging too my unbirthday adventurers!