After about a week (Oct 20-28th) of arguing and calling with various agents from Sprint and Samsung, I FINALLY received a replacement phone for that certificate of return. Full story/rant here.

Who has a month to wait for a refund?

For those unfortunate souls who were stopped by Samsung Personnel at the airport to turn in your Note 7 devices for a Certificate of Return, here is the process that I went through to get a replacement phone (as opposed to waiting the month it takes for a refund to get back to you). (Btw – refund process = 3 days to “process” and 10 – 15 BUSINESS days to be delivered – upon receipt of necessary information of course).

Without further ado – take your handy dandy certificate of return to your point of sale (where you bought your phone aka your carrier’s corporate store).giphy-13 In my case it was Sprint. If you live in NYC and have Sprint, I went to the Sprint Corporate Store 209 West 125th street, the manager Randolph Garcia was amazing. He made sure I got the phone I wanted and the process went smoothly albeit long (spent 3 hours there due to the crazy amount of customers, not his fault).


Once at your corporate store, the agent should contact a technical specialist to “remove” the old Note 7 from their system. According to Sprint’s policy/protocol (or so I’m told) a phone must be physically returned in ordered for the “upgrade” to reset and for the customer to receive a phone. The specialist does his/her thing on the computer Sprint web space thing and voila, pick the phone of your liking, pay for the tax and go home happy.

Things to know: (And this may apply only to Sprint, but ask anyway)

  • There’s a 100$ credit if you stick with Samsung… sorry iPhone, I LOVE personalizing EVERTHING about my phone…. iPhone is just way too constricting and I’m not loaded with money to pay for simple changes on my phone that I should get for free… so Samsung Edge 7 in Silver for me. Somewhat like the Note 7, minus the pen.
  • The money you paid for your Samsung (tax included) is “returned” and applied to your new phone, so it should be as if you originally purchased that phone in the first place.
  • With receipts – Samsung “said” they “will” reimburse any inconvenience they have caused giphy-15if you ended up missing your flight because of the phone (i.e: alternate flight, hotel accommodations. taxi services to/from hotel and airport etc).
  • Going through Samsung phone sales or store did not help me, hopefully you would have more luck if they were your point of sale.
  • Currently a 30 minute+ wait for Sprint telesales, so you are better off getting a replacement phone at a corporate store where you can physically give in your certificate of return (make sure they give you back the original, they can make a copy at the back).

Hopefully you don’t have as hard of a time getting a replacement as I did. Good luck Unbirthday Adventurers!