Back to our regularly scheduled program before life was rudely interrupted by breaking phones, exploding phones, and confiscated phones. Where were we… oh yes the most exciting parts of our Philippines journey!!!

The first leg of the journey brought us to the “settlements” (at least thats what my mom told me). It looked like a community of people with their own learning center.

Next up is the mororan river. Mororan meaning continuous rain showers in Ybanag. You can see a mini water fall at the top right picture. The top left is the bat cave where every evening theres the flight of the bats. Like clockwork they fly out for…. I suppose their breakfast? Since they sleep all day… anywho we also went kayaking… fun fact (possible old wives tale -ala mom) – in the depths of this river is an underwater cave big enough to comfortably fit an airplane.  I was told to be very careful because the current is strong enough to drag me in… over-protective mom or true story?  Who knows. At least we got to go kayaking… with life vests of course.

Final destination is the 184 steps to the Callao caves.  Close to the entrance is the excavation site of callao man,  more specifically a 67,000 year old fossil of a man.  We also saw beautiful rock formations and a cave chapel. And in typical mommy dearest fashion,  we used the pews as a resting spot to sit and snack on Filipino sweet bread. 

It was a pretty sweet adventure!

Until next time, stay curious unbirthday adventurers!