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Jessie the French Fry

Jessie the French Fry Part Deux: Drinking with Friends

Today I thought about bringing back some old school. These pictures were actually about a year ago in November 2014. It was pretty much a night out in the town with the girls. We had found a lovely cocoa bar in the lower east side, which btw the chocolatini and espresso martini were amaze-balls. Yeap, not your regular milk chocolate beverage.2014-11-05 18.58.53-1
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Jessie the French Fry in… Citi-bike hunting

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***Disclaimer***That’s a second bike next to the first one pictured, and was like that when we found it…. HONEST!! …Come on how can a french fry break a seat?! Also American psycho picture thing on the 11th photo page was from a random google image, sorry I have forgotten where.

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