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Big Brother Big Sister Program

New adventure starts with being a BIG. It’s my first day of being  Big Sister and from what I’ve seen during the kick-off it’s going to be a blast. I have an awesome little sister now, which makes me a tad bit apprehensive. Being a Big means you are voluntarily placing yourself in a position of scrutiny. It’s like being a Sophomore in High School all over again with your peers judging you, whether you like to admit it or not…. On the other hand, it seems like so far, so good. I think my little sister liked my first impression- a loud mouthed, over-enthusiastic, controlling, Asian with a “can-do,” competitive attitude…. Certainly on the fun if not entertaining side. But all that aside, I hope I give my little sister something she can learn from. I hope she aspires to do more than work and then go home and watch tv … heck… who am I to judge … maybe that’s what she wants to do… In the meantime, why not try to instill in her some desire for adventure. 😉

You can change the future by influencing the people of tomorrow, today! So go forth my unbirthday adventurers and sow the sense of adventure amonga the new generation!!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Well there’s a first time for everything, this time around it was my first Baseball game, which so happened to be Mets vs the Braves. Now I don’t have a favorite team, let alone know what’s going on in that field of dirt and grass, but I did come out of this venture with a new favorite player!

So here are some Highlights, Lowlights and definite learning experiences.bartolo-colon

  • Fat people can be agile AF! – This guy, honestly, like a frog catching a fly. He had some amazing plays, plucking a 100 mph baseball out of the air as if it was a rose on a bush. Then tossing it with minimal effort, as we watch the ball zoom to the bases. The opposing players trying to reach that white patch on the dirt, so sorry, YOU’RE OUT!yoenis
  • As much as I enjoyed watching Bartolo Colon (the frog pitcher), my favorite player award goes to Yoenis Cespedes. I mean his intro is from the Lion King!!! He’s also a badass hitter, I’d rock that neon green sleeve!
  • Now it’s no secret, food prices at a Baseball game are no joke. For the cost of one hotdog, you could probably buy a pack of buns and a pack of hotdogs!
    I’m only here for the food 🤓🌭⚾

    At least the fixings are free. Unfortunately, there is a myth…ballpark franks. These were no “ballpark” franks but skinny Nathan’s hotdogs, but still good nonetheless. (As long as the price tag didn’t make your mouth go sour).

  • You can have fun and your dog can too! It’s called Bark at the Park, where you get to bring your dog to a baseball game! From a Great Dane to a tiny Chihuahua dressed with a lion ‘s mane (and yes he “rose” to the occasion when Cespedes came out) all kinds of dogs were present. I might just take a page out of their book and bring my dogs to the game dressed in Lion King attire!
  • Now a baseball game wouldn’t be complete without a drunken breakout brawl. Luckily, they were escorted out before anything really could happen. I was actually sandwiched in between the action. To the left an irate, drunken guy upset at the heckler kids and the guardians in charge of them, who were sitting at my right. I actually had to get up to move because the buff (most likely part time muscle builders) guardians crossed over to confront the drunk guy. The kids at this point were silent onlookers. It was interesting to watch, a nice hiatus to the game continuing below.

A baseball game…something definitely worth experiencing!

So take yourselves out to the ball game my unbirthday adventurers!!

30$ and a Little Bit of Hakuna Matata

20160919_193055.jpgOne of the places that makes New York City great are the Broadway theaters, but the shows are usually crazy expensive. If you don’t have deep pockets but love going to the theater, just make your way to Broadway Direct. It’s a lottery for Broadway show tickets!

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Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, and Ambient Music Oh my! 10$ Chinatown

Some of my favorite food spots in Chinatown also happens to be some of the cheapest. The most expensive item is the unearthly goodness of ice cream (but hey who doesn’t splurge on dessert). For 1$ appetizers head over to 

I have been hitting this spot up since before it had its facelift and guys with long pinky nails were handling the fresh buns of golden sweet mmm-ness.

Roast pork buns are my favorite, with its slightly sticky, sweet and firmer texture. It is the god of all pork buns! But you can get a steamed pork bun…if you roll that way…meh. Heck, at 1$ a piece get both..but back in the good ol’ days it used to be 60 cents…

Next stop was this out of the way, hole in the wall shop. Take out only, with the minimalist menu consisting of roast pork or roast duck on rice with veggies (mainly cabbage). At 3.75$ can’t go wrong. And the container is always stuffed to capacity. As for the location, all I can tell you is that it’s across the street from a park with a handball court… Sorry guys I am horrible with directions…and original gifs (but I’ll work on that,  promise)

All aboard the dessert train! Coming up is the ice cream factory. If you are more adventurous they have the likes of durian, sesame, red bean etc.

From left to right – taro, lime sorbet and mango.

Its another spot where you can’t sit and enjoy. So we mozied along over to listen to old school china classics (aka people playing instruments in the park).

Great food, great music, great friends, all at little to no cost, haha. 

Stay curious unbirthday adventurers!

Live with Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris


NYC is one of those places where there’s alot to do for alot of nothing. Going to see celebrities (for free) is one of them. Today I was part of a live studio audience for “Live with Kelly”. If you happen to find yourself in NYC checkout Snapchat-1527472861582117913.jpg

A favorite show of yours may have  seats available. It just so happens NEIL PATRICK HARRIS was the co-host today. Naturally my cousin  I are HUUUGE fans.

Renee Zellweger, Jaimie Alexander and Vern Yip were guests on the show. Vern Yip is an interior designer…(funny outake) the fake tv fell off the fake wall…anywho. His “thing” …(cuz you know when one is famous you have to have your personal catch)… is measuring the distance of furniture so that it makes a nice aesthetic… Nothing matches in my apt, but I guess thats my style *shrugs* If I like it and it’s functional, why not?

Renee Zellweger was toned af, apparently self trains as Kelly points out (repeatedly mind you). She has a southern drawl with a low key tone, which is wonderful to hear. However, I am trying to recall what was said during her skit but I can’t! As for Jaimie Alexander, that takeaway was that she was wearing Kelly’s underpants (during this shoot) and she broke her nose during stunting in her show. Her show is the one about amnesia and tattoos (I don’t follow the show…on that note I don’t follow any show except my own XD). Until next time.

Stay curious my fellow unbirthday adventurers!


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